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Three Little Pigs for Grade K with Andrew

Andrew Protopapas is a teaching artist at Parkmoor Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio. He has shared some of the recordings he has been using with students to practice their play.

kindergarten classroom with theatre teacher in white sweater with sheets of paper surrounded by four kindergarten children watching him
Andrew with kindergarten students

Several weeks back, I recorded videos of me doing the hand motions to our songs and sent those to the teachers so that they could review with the kids when I wasn’t in the classroom.  Of course, things have definitely changed profoundly since then. I have created a new video with all the songs in order and me talking through the play to help the kids rehearse while they are at home.

The following videos and music files walk kids through the motions and there is a full rehearsal video at the end. Practice the hand motions, learn the songs, and learn the lines along with Andrew.

Hand motions for Three Little Pigs Groove
Audio for Three Little Pigs Groove

Hand motions for Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Audio for Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

Hand motions for Jailhouse Rock
Audio for Jailhouse Rock

Full practice performance
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