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At Art Possible Ohio we are wrapping up 2020 and looking forward to 2021. While 2020 posed a lot of challenges it also opened up a lot of dialogue and discussion. We are all about dialogue and discussion! It is how we learn, grow, develop empathy, and become better and stronger for one another. One…

Moving Horse with Barbara

Barbara Ery is a teaching artist in south eastern Ohio with the Carlton School. This activity can be expanded to include a variety of materials and designs. First thing you do is gather tools. As you can see I gathered lots of stuff. Then ask in adult to copy your drawing on heavy cardboard stock and cut…

Teaching in times of the Coronavirus by Kelsey

When I was approached with a job opportunity from Art Possible as a sophomore in college, I was astounded and grateful for the opportunity, while at the same time scared out of my mind. I knew that my resume was not long. The main thing I could bring to the table was experience I gained…

Breath with Lori and Arlo

Lori Esposito is a teaching artist based in Athen’s Ohio at Beacon School. This video was initially created for the Beacon School students and teachers. Focusing on our breath can help us feel calmer. 1. Collect small and light items from around your home; seeds, beads, colorful cut up pieces of paper or ribbon. 2….

When Charley Met Emma by Amy Webb; Reviewed by Emily Cairney age 11

Megan and I (your Art Possible Ohio staff) are both parents too. I asked one of our kiddos to help me out with some blog posts by reading and writing some book reviews. Here is a review of a book board member Amy Ranalli shared with us. Author Amy Webb is from Ohio! I’m Emily…

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