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Bridgeway Academy Artwork Installation

Longtime partner Bridgeway Academy dedicated their new building this year. It has been a long process for Bridgeway and the staff and students are so deserving of this beautiful facility. Over the summer, Art Possible Ohio worked with teaching artist Bryan Moss (left) to create the artwork pictured. Bryan worked with students in the classroom…

Moving Horse with Barbara

Barbara Ery is a teaching artist in south eastern Ohio with the Carlton School. This activity can be expanded to include a variety of materials and designs. First thing you do is gather tools. As you can see I gathered lots of stuff. Then ask in adult to copy your drawing on heavy cardboard stock and cut…

Miss Jacquie’s All Abilities Dance Class

Jacquie Sochacki-Pittman is a teaching artist at New Albany schools. She is a dance researcher, choreographer and educator currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Dance Studies at The Ohio State University. She has created online lessons to keep her students moving. Click here to visit Jacquie’s website. This 15 minute video is the…

Follow a Pattern with Barbara

Barbara Ery is a teaching artist in south eastern Ohio with the Carlton School. This is a lesson she designed to review patterns and the elements of art with her students. Let’s start out by doing the hand symbols and words for the elements of art. Line (arms crossed and one arm straight up) Shape…

Reflections: Impact of COVID-19 on Art & Dance with Angelica

Hello! My name is Angelica Bell and I am a dance educator/teaching artist. I am the Artistic Director of a non-profit dance studio in Southeast Ohio called Factory Street Studio, and an Art Possible Ohio teacher at the Carleton School! I want to “pull back the curtain” and share the ways I have adapted my…

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