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Spring Nests Poetry with Candace

Candace Mazur Darman is a teaching artist currently working with the Ohio State School for the Blind and A.G. Bell. She is a poet, performer, and artist. Here is an activity she put together for spring time.

candace standing in front of a stage with a student. Candace is wearing a black shirt and pants and blue silk scarf with her hair pulled back in a pony tail. The student is looking through a gold tube as if it were a telescope
Candace with a student

This activity is based on book This Is The Nest that Robin Built by Denise Fleming.

book cover of this is the nest that robin built with a mixed media illustration of a robin in a nest on a yellow and green background
This is the Nest that Robin Built by Denise Fleming

Engineer a nest makeover. I cleaned out my costumes to help the birds. Use whatever you have to see what they liked best. For each material you use, write a little two or three line poem. Here is the example I made. Once you have gathered all your material place them outside where the birds can come get them.

This is ticket, gold and bold

That is Charlie’s ticket to have and hold.

Gold foil cut in strips

This is the string, long and strong

That the Little Mermaid held

As her voice grew into song.

Twisted shiny ribbon

This is the hair, Pale and Frail

That made the fur on a Fantastic Fox Tail

Dog’s hair trimmings

This is the netting Bright and White

That Jasmine wore on the carpet at night

Tulle cut into strips

This is the fire, burning and bright

Spit by the Dragon, Reluctant to fight.

Streamer from 4th of July

This is the straw, mellow and yellow

Used by pig Wilbur, Charlotte’s best fellow

Old hula skirt

This is the clue, read and protected

Decoded by Sherlock, a famous detective.

Recycled Paper

This is the braid, tangled and twisted

Used by Rapunzel when she was visited

Bathroom loofa

This is the top, fuzzy and loose,

Thing one and Thing Two wore

When created by Seuss.

Dryer lint

These are the vines, draped and shaped

Swung on by Moguli

When making an escape.

Easter grass

Did you find some unique materials? Where did you imagine they were from? Share your poem in the comments section!

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