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Seven Days of Support with Megan Fitze, Director of Programs

two white women standing in front of movies posters and a table. Both have brown hair. The taller one is wearing a blue VSA Ohio t-shirt and the shorter one is wearing a red VSA Ohio t-shirst and a bag over her shoulder
Shannon Thacker, Intern Extraordinaire (left) and Megan Fitze, Program Powerhouse (right) in vintage VSA Ohio t-shirts at a ReelAbilities event

Ohio Citizens for the Arts has recently released a 7 Days of Support Campaign to “bring a little light to Ohio’s arts community.” Calls to action include purchasing a membership to your favorite cultural organization, donating a theatre ticket, supporting gig artists through online sales, etc. Among others, I decided to respond to Day #6’s call to use social media to promote your favorite artists, art galleries, and arts organizations. Naturally, I chose Art Possible Ohio and I thought I’d share the Facebook post with you on our blog. Please consider supporting the arts through one of OCA’s campaign, or consider your own way of support. 

“In response to Ohio Citizens for the Arts’ challenge to promote a favorite art org, I must promote Art Possible Ohio, formerly known as VSA Ohio. (why yes I work there)

This nearly forty-year-old organization has dedicated itself to making the arts more accessible in Ohio on so many levels. Art Possible works with cultural institutions to alter their internal policies and external spaces, and increase accessible programs so that many more can experience art inclusively. Art Possible provides programs by and for artists with disabilities. Art Possible advocates for arts access and produces arts-integrated curriculum for students in Ohio’s K-12 special needs classrooms. This is just a small bit of what this arts organization does. There is so much more to do. 

I have never been prouder of the creatives that make Ohio shine. Thank you, Erin Hoppe, for creating such a strong organization this past decade. Thank you, Molly, for leading the way now. 

Please follow Art Possible Ohio on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!”

Learn more about Ohio Citizens for the Arts and the 7 Days of Support Campaign by clicking here.

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