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Move your body with Angelica

four people in a gymnasium, two sitting on the floor and two standing. Angelica is sitting wearing a maroon top and black pants and she is talking to a man sitting in black pants and a black shirt wearing headphones they are stretching.
Angelica working with students

Hello! My name is Angelica Bell and I am a dance educator/teaching artist. I am the Artistic Director of a non-profit dance studio in Southeast Ohio called Factory Street Studio, and an Art Possible Ohio teacher at the Carleton School! I want to “pull back the curtain” and share the ways I have adapted my teaching since the COVID-19 crisis began and give you some short dance videos.

Online Content- Try these classes!

My studio swiftly adapted to offering online dance classes, providing weekly pre-recorded classes and a live Zoom warm-up for each class. Please enjoy three of the pre-recorded classes I have created thus far. ​These videos are tailored to meet the needs of my current students but can be used by any dancer or aspiring dancer in the comfort of your home:

Wiggles Out: Jazzy Warm-Up (20 minutes)
This is a cardio-focused warm-up that includes some elements of the jazz dance genre. If doing “high knees” feels like too much, just do little marches in place. It will get your heart rate up!
Intermediate Level Ballet Class (30 minutes)
This class is appropriate for folks who have had some ballet experience. You can use a chair or kitchen counter as your barre!
Floor Barre (20 minutes)
This class explores ballet concepts and exercises on the floor and draws from Alessia Lugoboni’s work from her YouTube channel, “Lazy Dancer Tips.” Part of my survival as a teaching artist has been accessing and learning from other artists’ work and implementing their strategies and exercises that are effective for my students. Floor barre is an excellent way to isolate core muscles and really focus on building the strength needed to execute ballet technique while standing!

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