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Meet Shelbi Harris, Accessible Expressions Ohio 2020 Adjudicator

shelby harris, young woman of color in a denim jacket sitting at a table with an award in front of her

Shelbi T. Harris-Roseboro is a seasoned professional with more than a decade of experience as both an entrepreneur and exhibiting artist. Shelbi is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Graphic Design and then went on to earn her Masters in Public Administration from Valdosta State University. In 2010 she launched her own creative services business, Shel10, LLC. She has directing several neighborhood murals, resident projects, and is an active community arts educator. Considered a mixed media artist, Shelbi has exhibited as a painter, graphic artist, photographer and producer. Her work can be cited at multiple venues throughout the city of Columbus, including the Lincoln Theatre, The Ohio State University, and the Columbus Zoo. You can visit Shelbi’s website by clicking here.

shelby harris, young woman of color in a denim jacket sitting at a table with an award in front of her
Shelbi Harris, image from Columbus Harlem Renaissance 100

What is your connection with Art Possible Ohio/Why did you agree to adjudicate this year’s exhibition?

I am a huge fan of Art Possible. I have served as a resident artist is previous years. I also have hosted activity tables for children and families at ReelAbilities events at the Lincoln Theatre. 

What did you take away from the adjudication process?

“That the ability to create is the one language that everyone speaks. With creativity we are all equal.”

What is keeping you busy during this time of quarantine?

I have been keeping busy attempting to do my part to help support children’s education needs and creative resources while home. I have created several emergency student resources to encourage students to continue to learn and express themselves while at home. I have a few of them here

Get a free coloring book here The coloring book is presented in partnership with OAAE’s Art in the House and All People Arts. 

Share a pic of yourself or a project you are working on! (Can be any pic- does not have to be related to art-making.)

A project I am working on: HOPE online gallery

As a way to promote the arts during the Covid-19 pandemic, All People Arts has created the Hope Online Community Gallery. As director, I encourage everyone to participate. Submit your artwork today to be shared on HOPE Online Community Gallery. Click here.