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Follow a Pattern with Barbara

worksheet with six boxes with dot patterns in the boxes. Left boxes have dots connected into patterns, right boxes do not have lines connected into patterns.

Barbara Ery is a teaching artist in south eastern Ohio with the Carlton School. This is a lesson she designed to review patterns and the elements of art with her students.

Let’s start out by doing the hand symbols and words for the elements of art.

Line (arms crossed and one arm straight up)

Shape (heart shape)

Color (color baby color)

Form (not flat muscle arms)

Value (light to dark arms moving like a sunrise)

Texture (gooey fingers open and close)

Space (arms straight out give me my space)

Included are four different GEO patterns.

All you have to do is pick up a pencil and try your best to copy the same shape in the empty box beside. Remember to put your name on your paper or ask for help from an adult. Make sure to save and send to your teacher.

End with feelings : Sometimes you feel happy Sometimes you feel sad Sometimes you feel excited Sometimes you feel mad You might feel many different feelings and they’re all okay!