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Family Quilt with Barbara

Barbara Ery is a teaching artist in south eastern Ohio with the Carlton School. This activity can be expanded to include a variety of materials and designs.

This activity is a paper quilt inspired by artist Faith Ringgold. Talk about things you like to do with your family. Is there a favorite trip or place you remember? Faith Ringgold is a American artist. She tells her stories in art by making art quilts. Check her out at her website by clicking here,

flatly image of art supplies - Large sheet of drawing paper, pencil with eraser, watercolor pans, paint brush, oil pastels, container of water, newspaper, paper towels, ruler

Gather supplies:
Large sheet of drawing paper

pencil with eraser

watercolor pans

paint brush

oil pastels

container of water


paper towels


1. Begin by creating a large square in the center of your paper. This will be the focal point of your paper quilt. 

hand drawn quilt square showing three people in a child-like drawing style. The people are under small triangle flags that read family

2. Using  a ruler draw lines out from center block. These spaces are for your memory blocks. 

3. Continue with the pencil, then switch to oil pastels to draw in the large family block and the outer memory blocks. 

4. Leave spaces around your drawing for adding details. Make little fancy stitches around the lines between the blocks just like a fabric quilt. 

5. To finish, paint each square to cover all remaining white paper areas ( use the watercolors). Remember to put down newspaper first.

family quilt with hand drawn squares that include family, pets, and vacation destinations like camping, the beach, and an amusement park
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