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Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism

drawing of stop sign with bullet holes and red dripping from the bottom, bottom of drawing shows a hand holding a hand gun with the words "arms are for hugging" printed on the barrel. Another hand is plugging the barrel with one finger that reads "love thy neighbor. The hand is white and gradates to deep brown

Art Possible Ohio’s mission is to work with artists of all ages who have disabilities, to make arts and cultural experiences more accessible and inclusive. We strongly recognize the intersectionality of race and disability. We believe that racism is a public health crisis that deeply intersects with our mission. We are an anti-racist organization, and we pledge to combat injustice and racism in this world. We recently signed a letter to the City Council here in Columbus, where Art Possible is headquartered, in support of a resolution declaring racism a public health crisis. Click here to find the letter.  

Our equity work is not limited to the programs we produce or the content we push out. We must labor to recognize implicit biases and prejudices in our own organization and take active steps to strip them from our lives and work.

We will do this by listening to others. As an organization, we will educate ourselves on the civil rights injustices that are taking place in this country, both historically and at this moment. Moving forward, we will participate in trainings dedicated to equity, inclusion, and anti-racism, and support other organizations that are authentically working towards inclusivity and justice.

Diversity, inclusion, access, and opportunity are the foundational principles on which our original organization, VSA, was built. They are more than just words to us. They are our core, guiding values for everything Art Possible Ohio creates. We whole-heartedly commit to inclusion and equity across race, ability, gender, age, sexuality, identity, and experiences. 

As an arts organization, we believe that art heals, art transforms, and most importantly, art is for everyone and should be accessible to all. If we do not recognize the injustices to the Black community as a part of this mission, we have failed. Please join us in our mission. 


Image: Love They Neighbor  by Byron Stephens
Best in Show
Acrylic on Poster, $90
Emerging Artist — Kettering, OH
Accessible Expressions Ohio 2020

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