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Seed Pots with Lori (and Arlo)

Lori Esposito is a teaching artist based in Athen’s Ohio at Beacon School. I am a teaching artist, and my son and created this seed pot demonstration using materials from around the house. This video was initially created for the Beacon School students and teachers so they could prepare their greenhouse for harvesting herbs without…

Miss Kris’s Garden

Kris Kiko Cozy is a teaching artist based in Canton, Ohio. Her classes combine visual arts, music, movement, mindfulness practice, story-telling, and performance. In order to stay in touch and engaged with her students during the school closure she (with the help of her tech savvy husband) set up a YouTube channel. When I first…

December Blog: Disability Culture

Disability culture has improved thousandfold since the early days of institutions and sheltered workshops. Growing up, for me, it wasn’t uncommon to see “Handicapped Parking” signs everywhere. The latter term has thankfully become antiquated. We now see a shift from seeing disability rights as privilege, to seeing disability rights as human rights owed the same…

October Theme: Expression

“If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” — Isaac Newton in 1675 Expression is conveying ones thoughts or feelings. Art is the earliest known way, predating even spoken languages and ancient cultures. Whatever media we use in art whether it be a paintbrush or our own body, it…

September Theme: Disability Identity

What does it mean to have a “disability identity”? Put simply, it means to have a disability as part of who you are. Usually, when able-bodied people think of the word disability, it means only what a person “can’t do”. This is what we’re trying to change. We wish disability to be associated with a…

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