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COVID-19 and Art Possible Ohio

How to begin? Things are scary right now and all of us are trying to gain some footing. Here is what we have been up to. What We are Doing at Art Possible Ohio Megan and I are working from home. We are visiting the office once a week or less to get mail. We…

Possibility in Uncertainty

I am working from home today on the fourth day of the new normal. I am sitting at the desk that my partner Ryan helped me haul upstairs to our bedroom so I would have a quiet spot while our three kids are home from school. We are navigating the uncharted waters of a global…

December Blog: Disability Culture

Disability culture has improved thousandfold since the early days of institutions and sheltered workshops. Growing up, for me, it wasn’t uncommon to see “Handicapped Parking” signs everywhere. The latter term has thankfully become antiquated. We now see a shift from seeing disability rights as privilege, to seeing disability rights as human rights owed the same…

September Theme: Disability Identity

What does it mean to have a “disability identity”? Put simply, it means to have a disability as part of who you are. Usually, when able-bodied people think of the word disability, it means only what a person “can’t do”. This is what we’re trying to change. We wish disability to be associated with a…

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