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Meet AJ Vanderelli, Accessible Expressions Ohio Judge

AJ wearing a flowered kerchief over her mouth and nose. She has long light brown hair and is looking to the side. AJ Vanderelli is a longtime friend and advocate for Art Possible Ohio. She is also incredibly cool and kind and a formidable opponent in the Artist Wrestling League. Megan interviewed her as a part of our series of posts about Accessible Expressions Ohio. Who are you/What do you do?  Aj Vanderelli. I am an artist,…

Equity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism

drawing of stop sign with bullet holes and red dripping from the bottom, bottom of drawing shows a hand holding a hand gun with the words "arms are for hugging" printed on the barrel. Another hand is plugging the barrel with one finger that reads "love thy neighbor. The hand is white and gradates to deep brown Art Possible Ohio’s mission is to work with artists of all ages who have disabilities, to make arts and cultural experiences more accessible and inclusive. We strongly recognize the intersectionality of race and disability. We believe that racism is a public health crisis that deeply intersects with our mission. We are an anti-racist organization, and we…

Meet Shelbi Harris, Accessible Expressions Ohio 2020 Adjudicator

shelby harris, young woman of color in a denim jacket sitting at a table with an award in front of her Shelbi T. Harris-Roseboro is a seasoned professional with more than a decade of experience as both an entrepreneur and exhibiting artist. Shelbi is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Graphic Design and then went on to earn her Masters in Public Administration from Valdosta State University….

Seven Days of Support with Megan Fitze, Director of Programs

two white women standing in front of movies posters and a table. Both have brown hair. The taller one is wearing a blue VSA Ohio t-shirt and the shorter one is wearing a red VSA Ohio t-shirst and a bag over her shoulder Ohio Citizens for the Arts has recently released a 7 Days of Support Campaign to “bring a little light to Ohio’s arts community.” Calls to action include purchasing a membership to your favorite cultural organization, donating a theatre ticket, supporting gig artists through online sales, etc. Among others, I decided to respond to Day #6’s call to…

Mental Health and COVID-19

graphic with a colorful background and white overlay that reads "prevent overdose deaths. Check in on Loved Ones during COVID-19. If you are struggling with substance use, treatment and help are available." This post contains grown-up content about mental health. It also contains some strategies for modeling mental health and self-care with young ones. I am taking a quick break from distance learning today to check in with everyone. How are you? Seriously, how are you? I received an email today from ADAMH, the Alcohol, Drug, and…

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