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Move your body with Angelica

Hello! My name is Angelica Bell and I am a dance educator/teaching artist. I am the Artistic Director of a non-profit dance studio in Southeast Ohio called Factory Street Studio, and an Art Possible Ohio teacher at the Carleton School! I want to “pull back the curtain” and share the ways I have adapted my…

Teaching online…oh my! Music teaching musings with Joanie

I am, and have always been, a teacher and a performer who creates opportunities for interaction with my class and/or audience.  As a teacher I almost always invite my students to come to the floor and sit in a circle with me.  As a performer, I’ve never enjoyed being up on a stage, far away…

Three Little Pigs for Grade K with Andrew

Andrew Protopapas is a teaching artist at Parkmoor Elementary School in Columbus, Ohio. He has shared some of the recordings he has been using with students to practice their play. Several weeks back, I recorded videos of me doing the hand motions to our songs and sent those to the teachers so that they could…

Collaging with Kelsey

Kelsey Griest is a teaching artist working at the Ewing School in Marietta, Ohio. This lesson is easy to do with materials around the house and has the potential to keep students (and grown-ups) busy for hours. How to make a multi-media collage using supplies from home! What you will need: Glue Scissors Photos, Magazines…

Seed Pots with Lori (and Arlo)

Lori Esposito is a teaching artist based in Athen’s Ohio at Beacon School. I am a teaching artist, and my son and created this seed pot demonstration using materials from around the house. This video was initially created for the Beacon School students and teachers so they could prepare their greenhouse for harvesting herbs without…

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