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Bridgeway Academy Artwork Installation

Two men with dark skin standing next to each other wearing black shirts, smiling and pointing at one another. They are standing in front of a large mural that is spray painted with red, yellow, and white graffiti and has Polaroid images included.
Teaching artist Bryan Moss (left) and artist Lance Johnson (right) standing in front of Bridgeway Academy installation.

Longtime partner Bridgeway Academy dedicated their new building this year. It has been a long process for Bridgeway and the staff and students are so deserving of this beautiful facility. Over the summer, Art Possible Ohio worked with teaching artist Bryan Moss (left) to create the artwork pictured. Bryan worked with students in the classroom to explore perspective. He then partnered with artist Lance Johnson (right) to complete Phase One of the installation. This artwork was created as a result of Art Possible Ohio’s Adaptation, Integration, and Arts, a program funded by the Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Arts Council, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.

Adaptation, Integration, and Arts pairs teaching artists like Bryan Moss with schools around Ohio to provide arts integrated residencies in classrooms with students with disabilities. These residencies include dance, visual art, music, drama, and creative writing and all center around the belief that creative thinking is our most powerful asset in effecting change.

Art Possible Ohio currently hosts fourteen Adaptation, Integration, and Arts residencies across thirteen schools. It is one of our longest standing programs and has had an incredible impact on the students, families, educators, and schools that it serves. Our goal is to expand the program in the next few years to include additional schools in areas of Ohio where we currently do not have programs, specifically the Cincinnati and Toledo areas. In a world full of uncertainty, the habits of mind we learn through art making are essential.

We are so honored to be a part of this work which is happening every day in schools like Bridgeway Academy, and this artwork that is a testament to the power of Bridgeway Students’ vision and perspective. Stay tuned for updates about Phase Two of this amazing installation.