Board Portal Post

Board Applicant – Mary Leiby

close-up photo of Mary in a blue scarf and black top wmiling with black rimmed glasses in front of a marble bust of a man

Currently works at Ohio History Connection.

Please describe why you would like to join our board of directors? There are no wrong answers, we want to know what sparked your interest.

I’ve been able to attend events like Reelabilities in the past. Seeing how art can be made, and should be made, accessible for all made me look more into what Art Possible Ohio does. I’d be honored to be part of an organization that brings art to all and makes it an inclusive practice.

You are an impressive person. Which of your strengths would you like to share with our organization?

Marketing and Operations

What other skills, talents, and interests do you have?

I am good with writing and editing, and have a knack for thinking up catchy names for events. I also have extensive experience working behind the scenes at events and on the front lines helping with logistics and admissions.

We are all about life-long learning here. What skills, experiences, interests do you hope to cultivate while serving on the board?

I don’t know what I don’t know, so I am looking forward to helping make art accessible for all, and learning about inclusivity, accessibility and art at the same time.

Please list three (3) additional things you want us to know about you.

I have extensive cash-handling experience, but would not consider myself good with numbers. I think work should be fun. I love learning – through books, videos, activities, etc. In my ideal world, I would be a professional student.

Please share a 100 word or less biography.

Mary Leiby has a BA in English from Bowling Green State University and an MLIS from Kent State University. She is the Content Developer at the Ohio History Center, and works with staff to create program descriptions, event collateral and updated website information. In her spare time, Mary enjoys seeking out the best food and drink in Columbus, reading as many books as she can and absorbing enough knowledge to one day become a Jeopardy champion.